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Liberal terms with 65 percent LTV. Please email the important details.


Learn about business equipment financing options from the leaders in commercial equipment leasing. Finance new and used business equipment with low rates and the approval in less than 24 hours. (more)


Over 400 pages of proven strategies covering the entire buying process. (more)


Aero Financial was founded in 1992 as a Strategic Consulting and Investment Banking firm, concentrating on providing essential support and organizational services to private and public companies. Email



Goal is to help organize and facilitate the process by which private companies raise capital from individual investors in Arizona.
Desert Angels has been participating actively in sponsoring educational seminars, such as the “Power of Angel Investing” by the Kauffman Foundation.
Commercial financing needed for the information age. Along the way, ACCG has made hundreds of loans, representing projects of well over $500 million.
Our management team includes seasoned professionals with decades of experience in finding, developing, and funding high growth companies.
We are a formal group of more than 120 former and current high tech executives who are interested in investing their time and money into new, cutting edge, startup companies.
More than 3,400 entrepreneurs who have obtained over $20 million in capital and created 2,030 direct verifiable new jobs for Central Californians!
Since 1992, Investors' Circle has facilitated the flow of over $133 million into more than 200 companies and small funds addressing social and environmental issues.
Members provide up to $1 million in early-stage financing and seed money to emerging technology-based ventures located in Southern California. The group cooperates with other venture capital firms and angel investment groups to support companies that are raising between $1 to $10 million.
If members show interest in a presenting company, the group facilitates their efforts to share further due diligence. Members act on their own behalf and make individual investment decisions.
We invest in private companies at all stages and favor investments in the Internet, Information Technology, and Life Sciences.
One of the largest Angel and Venture Capital investment forum in the United States, linking experienced investors with entrepreneurs from around the globe.
Not limited to the technology industry, our members invest in exciting companies in a wide range of industries including biotech, consumer products, Internet, IT, life sciences, media, software and environmental, among others.
Invests in seed and early-stage business ventures, with preference towards disruptive technologies that will open new, large market opportunities.
Colorado’s premier organization for investors, service providers, and entrepreneurs since 1985, the RVC is more than a business networking organization – it’s a vital part of Colorado’s vibrant economic community.
Founded in 2004, AIF members invest their time, talent and money in supporting companies with solid business models and growth potential. By investing together, we provide the capital required ($100k - $2M) with a high return potential.
An Investment Research and Corporate Development consulting firm offering services to Entrepreneurs, Emerging Companies, and Agile Investors seeking to take advantage of global financial market dynamics.
Not an investment fund, but rather, a network of investors who make individual investment decisions after working together to evaluate candidate companies.
A community of investors that want to actively pursue business opportunities that may involve the investment of time, money, or other resources.
An angel investor group, an angel fund, and is a former advisory member of the board of the Angel Capital Education Foundation.
Membership is comprised of serious investors, business leaders, venture capitalists, corporate/institutional investors and serial entrepreneurs.
An organization of innovation capital leaders: private, public and non-profit organizations committed to building their local economies by investing in local entrepreneurs.
Identify well-managed, well-positioned companies operating in industries with considerable growth potential that can generate a significant return on investment.
A select network of accredited investors across Louisiana that provides seed and early stage investment capital to viable start up companies ready for angel-round funding.
Investments in companies typically range from $50,000 to $250,000 in most deals.
Primary focus is to invest in early-stage companies with significant growth potential that operate in large markets, are run by talented management and are located within a two-hour drive of Columbia, Maryland.
A Boston-based group of proven executives and entrepreneurs seeking investment opportunities in early-stage healthcare and life sciences companies.
“Perhaps the most affluent and influential of the VC collectives is the Common Angels.” – Boston Magazine
A Boston-based angel investment group that provides funding to early-stage companies. We are looking for innovative, technology-driven startup companies.
Individuals in the group have been the founders of 20 companies, the CEO's of more than 20 companies, have invested in over 225 private companies, and have been members of the Board of Directors of over 125 companies.
Committed to utilizing its financial, intellectual and networking capital to foster the success of growing companies and to enhance the economic development of West Michigan.
Those high net worth individuals (Accredited Investors) that make equity investments in early stage companies.
An angel network formed to make financial and intellectual capital available for early stage and growing entrepreneurial companies in West Michigan, primarily the Kalamazoo Region.
The center focuses on macro and micro issues relating to private equity: capital markets, financing structures, governance and entrepreneurship.
A private, member-lead, angel group that invests in early-stage technology companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Provide first stage "seed level and angel capital" financing to startup and early stage firms.
Invest in New Mexico-based high growth potential early stage and seed companies.
We provide early-stage capital in the range of $250,000 - $750,000, an investment range not generally served by venture capital funds.
Seeks growth-oriented, technology companies that are located within 150 miles of Albany, New York and are seeking $1 million or less in investments – though there are always exceptions to this standard.
One of the nation’s leading angel-investor networks.
Helps women of diverse backgrounds establish thriving businesses in urban communities. WVF offers training, small business loans, and a network of business advisors to help women reach their business goals.
A group of highly successful investors with solid experience in selecting investments and in assisting in the growth of the group's portfolio companies.
A member-managed, seed stage, angel capital fund model designed to capitalize on the growth in entrepreneurial activity and venture financing, primarily but not exclusively in North Carolina.
Today is a great time to support early-stage growth companies and our funds, with over 150 members, can help you navigate through these tough economic times.
Resource hub designed to link entrepreneurs with angel investors and the other resources they need to create successful growth companies in Cincinnati.
Since June of 1995, NCIC Capital Fund has made 59 rounds of investments in 29 companies totaling over $15 million. Our investments have been leveraged with an additional $60 million in co-investments.
Established in 1998 as the Northeast Ohio Software Association, NEOSA is a membership-based organization that promotes the advancement of the Technology Community and IT Industry of Northeast Ohio.
CoreNetwork was founded in 2003 in Toledo, Ohio and has had two exits to date - both of which provided a good return. A member of the Angel Capital Association, CoreNetwork is the second oldest angel network in the state of Ohio.
A private not-for-profit Oklahoma corporation focused on wealth creation by growing the technology-based entrepreneurial economy within our state.
Links early-stage technology firms and established manufacturers with funding, people, technology, universities and other resources to help them prosper.
A regional group of accredited investors who invest in regional early-stage companies.
Since its founding in 1988, the principal mission of the LORE group is to provide investment capital and mentoring to early stage companies principally in the Greater Philadelphia Area.
A group of experienced entrepreneurs and accredited investors interested in investing and taking an active role in early stage companies with high return on investment potential.
A group of women like no other in Philadelphia. We are current and aspiring leaders of and investors in high-growth companies.
We screen and evaluate qualified start-up businesses seeking seed capital.
Funding for our Alliance comes from local and state government, technology entrepreneurs, various grants, personal contributions and from services provided to our allies across the state.
To build a stable and easily identifiable source of local early stage capital by delivering value to a network of investors via deal flow, investment analysis, and due diligence. As part of the investor initiative, NCN manages a $5.2 million sidecar investment fund.
Seraph aims to expand the number and collective impact of women who, as angel investors, advisors or board members, drive economic growth across the Puget Sound region.
The Camino Real Angels provide seed and early-stage capital in the range up to $2M.
Since inception, our members have invested more than $27M in 54 deals.
Helps us manage activity and lets you see NDIG deals on the web. It is a new system designed specifically for the early stage investor market, and is being used by other groups in Texas such as Houston Angel Network.
Since formation in May 1998, Utah Angels have invested $16 million in thirty nine companies.
Brings together over 40 successful and experienced entrepreneurs who are active in making early-stage and seed investments in companies located in the northeastern United States.
Since 1997, the Alliance of Angels (AoA) has connected a community of over 100 investors with the most promising early-stage companies in the Northwest to invest, mentor and enable their success.
Represents private equity and venture capital firms with investment interests in the mid-Atlantic and beyond, entrepreneurs, and their strategic partners.
We provide an educational forum in which entrepreneurs, sources for capital, and service professionals exchange ideas about venture related issues - promoting the common interests of all parties in the venture process.
Screens and presents promising early stage company investment opportunities to its accredited investor members.
A statewide, not-for-profit organization of leaders from Washington's diverse technology-based businesses and research institutions dedicated to our state's long-term economic success.
An online platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors based in Canada with each other or worldwide, depending on your personal selection criteria.
A non-profit in 2002 to provide Angel investors with a secure environment to network and learn from their peers, as well as the opportunity to be heard collectively on national issues.
To date we have invested in 23 companies, all but two in the National Capital Region.